Michel Kapelli
Michel Kappeli
Michele Käppeli

The Yei series

The sound creates Yei – a (dance-) figure.

Yei Series

The Suquamish series

Suquamish is dancing to the barely audible frequencies of the slowed down sound of water.

Suquamish Series

The Lushootseed series

Lushootseed is moving to the sound of water. Due to the strong slowdown of the sound the frequencies are barely audible.

Lushootseed series

The Peyotl series

A creek in the Lutzel valley (France and Switzerland). The sound of the stream was recorded with an underwater microphone. The sound was slowed down gradually. The slowdown is so strong that in the course of the series the frequencies are no longer audible.

To play the sound, a thread was attached to the (hanging) speaker membrane. At the end of the thread was a kind of brush that is now moving with the motion of the speaker membrane.

Also the inaudible frequencies generate strong movements in the speaker membrane.

Even the non-audible dances.


The Peyotl series: Peyotl, Lushootseed, Suquamish, Yei


Peyotl series