Michel Kapelli
Michel Kappeli
Michele Käppeli
Water Science

The possibility that naturally occurring water may be quantum coherent should be considered in the light of the ambient magnetic field of the earth to which the water is constantly exposed. At the strength of the earth’s field, nuclei including protons would resonate at audio frequencies (see Box). Could it be that these natural nuclear magnetic resonances have vital biological consequences?

For me, the most convincing evidence of water’s coherence has come from an extraordinary and brilliant French artist Michel Kappeli, who wrested the hidden structural symphonies made by water flowing in his local river ([21] Water, Uncharted Spaces – the Body of the Transitory, SiS 48). His method was direct and simple, to allow water to speak directly, unmediated and unobstructed by opaque instrumentation. He said, “To capture a purest possible image of the flux, it was most important to reduce technical aids as far as possible,” and resort to aesthetic imagination, he might have added.

Dr. Mae Wan Ho, Science in Society London, published in SiS 47.